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Ever changing depths and river bed conditions make it inland shipping difficult. CoVadem continuously provides up-to-date water depths information by combining a 'sailing network' with state of the art technology.

With the use of the CoVadem technology vessel owners and skippers can optimise their cargo volume, sail more efficiently and save on fuel and environment. Fairway managers and dredging companies can introduce innovative pro active maintenance procedures and improve effectiveness whilst gaining efficiency. 

CoVadem is positioned as the leading depth forecasting technology



Noise induced hearing loss is one of the most prevalent occupational diseases, affecting 14 million workers in the EU and costing €14.5b annually. Existing ear defenders are detrimental to workplace communication, environmental awareness, overall safety and productivity. This reality led EAVE to develop their premier product, the EAVE WORK Bluetooth Ear Defenders (the MKI).

The MKI lets a safe level of sound through to the ears so face-to-face communication is possible even when the ears are protected. Eliminate the downtime caused by removing hearing protection, switching off machinery or moving to quiet zones to have a conversation. With the MKI’s Bluetooth connectivity, even phone calls can be taken with hearing protection on.

Increase productivity by facilitating communication in noisy environments



Consumer electronics have become more compact and powerful over the years, while speakers have hardly changed. Mayht has developed a revolutionary loudspeaker technology which is 16x more powerful than any other existing technology; regardless of size, shape or price point. By integrating Mayht technology, flat TV’s will finally sound impressive without the need of an additional large subwoofer, Mobile phones will sound like pleasant bluetooth speakers, the best home speakers in the market will become 16x smaller without any audible difference. Mayht is making it possible.

Miniaturisation is highly relevant,
Mayht has a big usp