We invest from €250k for early stage startups (“technostarters”) and up to €2.5M for later stage startups whereby we target a shareholding between 10-40%. Depending on the stage of the company we invest in, we reserve up to 200% of the initial investment for follow-on investments. We aim to be the largest institutional/professional shareholder (private investors and founders excluded). 


Our first fund will primarily invest in industrial hardware solutions addressing themes like recycling, fuel efficiency, energy transition, worker safety, water cleaning and food production. Implementation of innovative hardware technology often faces significant barriers to global implementation: early stage capital is often hard to obtain, industries take time to absorb innovation and high level coaching is scarcely available. The commitment of our team is to make our skills, network and funds available for investments meeting the following criteria:

  • Highly talented entrepreneurs;
  • Developing hardware based technologies;
  • Protected by patents or patentable;
  • In a business to business environment;
  • Technology at the proven concept stage, ready for commercialisation


We are a team of successful entrepreneurs and financial experts: 1. The founding team of Ampelmann, one of the most successful startups of Delft University; 2. Senior ex Kempen & Co professionals, the most entrepreneurial Dutch investment bank. Our team has a unique skill set covering all aspects needed for startups: entrepreneurial, technical, commercial and financial