On 4 April 2019, we had the honour of hosting our first ever Investor Event held at Museum Jan van der Togt, just across the street from our offices in Amstelveen. During this event we were able to provide you with presentations from all of our current portfolio companies: EAVE, Covadem, Mayht and DAB.

Below you will find all movies of our speakers.

For your comfort we have added English subtitles to all of our movies (except the EAVE movie which is already in English), when clicking the play button you can also click the ‘cc’ button in the bottom right to turn it on/off.



Paul Pruijmboom


David Greenberg


Meeuwis van Wirdum


Mattias Scheek


Delft Advanced Biorenewables

As the CEO/COO were not presenting a new movie will be added in later stage