Q: How does my startup apply for an investment by Forward.one?

In the first personal contacts, the emphasis will be on mutual acquaintance, presenting the technological proposition and estimating the potential of the start-up to be successful on the market. When there is mutual interest to come to a deal then we will start a more detailed analysis of the product and company and current financing requirement, with financial projections. This can lead to an investment proposal. If parties agree, all agreements will be recorded in a participation agreement.

Q: What exactly does Forward.one offer as active support after the participation is realized?

We will use its knowledge, experience and contacts to support management. Our former techno entrepreneurs are the appointed points of contacts in the field of technology and market, the other team members can contribute hands-on when it comes to developing the organisation, strategy, business plans, financing and projections. Naturally, our team is also able to assist the case during negotiations.

Q: Can Forward.one also financially contribute if follow-up investments are required?

The expansion of the company will in many cases lead to additional financing needs. We have the means to do follow-up investments. We will do this from our corporate finance expertise and can offer solutions that result in  an optimal mix of risk capital and loan capital, including bank financing.

Q: How long does Forward.one want to commit to my company?

In principle, our commitment has a term of ~7 years.  When the company in which we invest shows a successful development we expect that all shareholders will come to a strategic decision at some point in time: either grow independently or sell. If opted for independent growth, we may involve other (private) equity firm(s) that focuses on later stage investments.