bullshit bingo 2019

Be the first to submit your full card to receive the first prize…

1st prize

A one-year permit to proudly wear your mustache without any of your colleagues making fun about it.
In fact, you will receive an average of two compliments per week by a random colleague about the beauty of your mustache.

Please be aware that this permit is only applicable for the following mustache styles:

  • The handlebar mustache

  • The horseshoe mustache

  • The English mustache

Wear it with proud.

2nd prize

Pay the full bill of the Friday afternoon beers and appreciate the way your colleagues enjoy those well deserved drinks.
Unfair? Nope. You’re not gold, you’re not bronze. What else would you expect?

3rd prize

One AA battery.
Yes. Really.

But wait, imagine what you can do with one AA battery! It generally fits in almost every consumer product and creates the energy needed to boost that beard trimmer or wireless mouse. And if you already have one AA battery and can act as a sometimes necessary pair for any of your useless and unneeded home appliance electronics.

You don’t have any consumer electronics? Don’t worry, you can also just put it on a shelve in your home and enjoy the beautiful design of the famous penlight battery.